Sponsor an Acro-cat: Asti the Sneak!

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Asti the sneak!  She has been a longtime drummer for the Rock Cats Rescue band and loves to steal things from people when they aren't looking. She also has a chirp-like meow that is super cute and easy to recognize.  

Asti needs annual exams, vaccinations, and year-round flea medication. 

For sending a monthly donation you get a heartfelt thank you from Asti and all of us!

For donating yearly, you get a thank you card signed by Asti.  You also get 3 cards from her – two holidays and your birthday. You also get a surprise “swag bag” filled with Amazing Acro-cats, Rock Cats Rescue, and Asti-specific merchandise. 

You can send this donation as a gift to someone just click the “send as gift” option.